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Summer Family Events

Tuesday - July 15, 2014 - Join the Migrant Summer School Staff and the Binational Teachers and their students at the La Gloria Cafeteria from 6 o'clock PM until 8 o'clock PM as they display and share their projects from this enrichment program. There will be a pot luck dinner as well!


Wednesday - July 16, 2014 - the STEM summer program will host a family night where all will be able to participate in a scinec based space mission activity with students.  There will be a potluck dinner will follow this special presentation.  Students will share thier experience as they participated in this program sponsored by the Hartnell NASA-SEMAA program! This will also be held at the La Gloria Cafeteria from 6 - 8 in the evening!


Come celebrate with our students!


Summer School Update

For the past five weeks, our Gonzales students have had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activies offered by a variety of programs this summer: Gonzales Recreation Department has offered swimming, leadership camps and athletic events that will continue into August, the South County YMCA has offered a Summer Camp opportunity for our young students, the Boy's and Girl's Club of Monterey County have offered leadership and fun activities for our 7th - 9th graders, Hartnell College has offered a Codo Dojo (computer science and coding) for our young computer genuises, and the Gonzals School District has offered a program for regular education, special education program and Migrant Education program for students grades K - 12.  Our high school students have had opportunities to make up credits toward graduation and to help as teacher assistants with our younger grades.  The Gonzales Cafeteria Program once again sponsored the breakfast and lunch program for all community youth at both La Gloria and Gonzales High School Cafeterias.


As you can see, it has been a very busy and eventful summer in Gonzales.  Thank you to all of the staff and various programs and sponsors of all of these wonderful programs!


Next step - School re-opens for the Fall 2014 session on August 13th.  See you all then!


Correction of Information 

I would like to apologize to the community of Gonzales for any confusion there may be in communication.  The information I previously shared regarding the 2000 GUSD voter approved facilities bond was regading the first bond sale.  The amount for the bond election is correctly stated below.  Here is the accurate information:

In 2000 voters passed a $6.5 million school bond: below is the ballot language:

"In order to acquire, construct, and improve school facilities, reduce overcrowding at existing elementary schools, construct new middle school facilities, repair and upgrade classrooms, improve heating, ventilation, and electrical systems, provide students with access to modern technology, and make the District eligible to receive State-matching funds, shall the Gonzales Unified School District Improvment District No. 1 be authorized to issue $6,500,000 of bonds to at an interest rate below the legal limit?"

Bond funds were placed in a special facility account and were used to fund the following projects:

  • Fairview Middle School Facility Improvements in the amount of $4,000,716
    • Construction of the new middle school gymnasium (bond funds, City funds & matching funds from the State for new construction
    • Provide a new multi-purpose room/cafeteria
    • Provide a new library
    • Add new relocatable restrooms
    • Modernize boys and girls restrooms
    • Electrical upgrades
    • Upgrade fire alarm systems
  • La Gloria Elementary School Improvements - $709,505
  • New Elementary School architectural plans to reduce overcrowding - $629,406
  • Technology improvements - &520,867

Balance remaining in the 2000 Facilities bond = $1.5 million.      To Read More click here

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Community LCAP Meeting - May 2014 


Common Core Family Math night a success!

Several GUSD parents had the opportunity to engage in rich dialogue as they learned about the new Common Core State Standards in Math together on March 26th. Families received general information at an opening session and then enoyed several interactive math lessons planned by our own teachers: Ms. Velasquez (1st grade), Mr. Baltes (2nd grade), Ms. Ramos (6th grade), Ms. Ashby (GHS physics), Mr. Hileman (GHS math), Mr. Keaton (K-12 Migrant dept), Ms. Gilmore (K-4), and Mrs. Galvan (K-12). Special thanks to our community for coming to our event and to the administrative team who were present to support us: Ms. McFarland-Camacho, Mr. Velasquez, Ms. Barba, and Mr. Purnsley and to our Migrant team who facilitated the event: Ms. Vallejo, Ms. Perez, Ms. Lopez, and Ms. Calderon.

Our last event was on February 26th and focused on language arts and literacy K-12.

Please join us for our next K-12 Family event on April 16 from 6:00-8:00pm in the La Gloria Cafeteria when we learn about technology and science together!


Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) update

Thank you to all of the community members, parents, staff and students who took time to complete our short LCAP survey.  The survey is now closed. District staff will be reviewing the information provided and a summary report will be posted soon.  Please stay tuned for future information regarding Gonzales Unified's LCAP.  This plan must be placed on the Regular Board Meeting agenda to allow for public comment before it is approved and submitted to the County Office in June.  

Again, thank you for your continued support and interest in working together to ensure that our Gonzales students have the best educational experience possible.

Liz Modena




California Department of Education Posts Child Abuse Reporting Guidelines

Please follow the link below to read State Superintendent Torlakson's letter designed to provide guidelines to help identify and report child abuse -  click here to read more